Woolpower Lite

Woolpower Lite was developed as a complement to Ullfrotté Original. It is suitable for those who naturally run warm or need a thinner base layer for more high-intensity activities.


Although Woolpower LITE is made up of 80% merino wool, we often describe it as our coolest material. This might sound strange given the higher wool content, but it’s all about the knitting technique.

What’s unique about Ullfrotté Original is the loops on the inside, creating an insulating air gap between your skin and the fabric, which provides extra warmth.

LITE, on the other hand, is rib-knit, so the garments sit closer to the skin, and the effect is the opposite. Instead of an insulating air gap, the fabric has more contact points that dissipate your body heat. Therefore, LITE is experienced as cooler than Ullfrotté.


LITE is ideal for milder temperatures and more high-intensity activities, such as running in the mountains during the summer or for those who don’t get cold easily.

We also recommend combining a Woolpower LITE base layer with Ullfrotté 200, 400, and 600.

With multiple layers, you can easily regulate your body temperature during your activities.


Few things are worse than clothing that chafes or feels uncomfortable.

If we get technical, the merino wool has a micron count of 19.5, which, in combination with the rib-knit, makes the material an optimal close-fitting jersey that is still flexible.

The fabric is softer, more pliable, and highly stretchy.