Our second grade

One of the worst things we at Woolpower know is the culture of disposable fashion. We strive to ensure that every raw material we utilise has the longest lifespan possible.

At the same time, we manufacture and sell products with high standards for both functionality and appearance.

We take pride in the quality that has become our hallmark. To maintain that quality, we have a robust quality process throughout the entire manufacturing of our garments. Despite that, there are instances where a garment that does not meet our quality standards may occasionally slip through.

To align with our values of reducing waste while maintaining high quality standards, we have chosen to sell garments that do not meet our quality requirements as second-grade items. The products sold as second-grade items have the same functionality as our premium garments but may have minor cosmetic defects. Often, the defect is so small that as a customer, you will have a hard time finding it!

By selling these products at a reduced price in our factory store, we ensure that these items reach someone who can utilise the garment throughout its entire lifespan.


If you have a garment from us that lacks a name label, it is most likely a product from our second-grade collection. Because if the seamstress finds something during the final inspection that doesn’t meet the requirements, she will cut off her name.


Often, the defects in our second-grade items are so minor that they are difficult to detect. Sometimes, the defects are more visible.
However, what always remains true is that the functionality is not affected. The garments will keep you warm and comfortable regardless of their appearance.

Some examples of cosmetic defects may include:

  • Stripes in the knitted fabric
  • Labels that are crooked
  • Seams that do not align perfectly at the neckline

A third life

Sometimes there may be errors or defects that partially affect the functionality of the product. Even these garments can still be used, but we have chosen not to sell them. We donate these items to charity. In this way, we have ensured that all garments we manufacture reach a user who benefits from the nice warming function that our garments offer. This is good for both the environment and society!

How to find our second grade

You can purchase our second-grade products at our factory store in Östersund or at our outlet located in Ånn, between Duved and Storlien.