About us

Woolpower manufactures warm base layers and mid-layer garments from our own fabric Ullfrotté Original. We manufacture all our products in Sweden. At our factory in Östersund we do everything from knitting and preparing the fabric to sewing, packing and storing products. We have specialised in manufacturing functional products that withstand extreme weather conditions, sudden changes in weather and different levels of activity. Our clothes should be the first choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want confidence in their equipment. The clothes are popular with mountain hikers and wind-turbine technicians alike.


Our vision to generate warmth for 100 years means that we manufacture products that keep people warm for years whatever the weather, and that as a company we act with warmth and respect towards everything and everybody that is in any way involved with, dependent on or affected by us.

Our goal is to responsibly and sustainably, and with a focus on the people behind the garments, manufacture products that last year after year. This means that we retain a long-term perspective in all the decisions we make. We endeavour to make clothes that are timeless, functional and of a very high quality so as to discourage a throwaway mentality. The resources we use, how we use them and what they are used for require responsibility for the environment, people and animals. We work with continuous improvements to ensure that our production has the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Woolpower is real-life proof that it is possible to be a leading Swedish textile company and that it is possible to retain all production in Sweden, while at the same time acting responsibly and with care for the world around us.


Woolpower is owned by two brothers, Daniel and Adam Brånby, and is part of a family company called Ekstigen AB. You will find Gränsfors Bruk, Wetterlings and Svedbro Smide in the same group of companies, whose products include hand-forged axes and the Tove wrecking bar. All three companies have something very important in common: they have kept their production in Sweden, and they cherish craftsmanship, knowledge, the environment and tradition. Why not visit our colleagues at gransforsbruk.com, wetterlings.se and svedbrosmide.se to learn more about forging and their products?

Daniel and Adam, along with their father and previous owner Gabriel Bråby, laid the groundwork for Woolpower’s strong belief that it is possible to be a responsible, textile manufacturer in Sweden. A long-term perspective lies behind every decision made, even if that means smaller profit margins in the short-term. Daniel and Adam are unwavering in this. Even though the cost of a seamstress in Sweden is the equivalent of around 30 seamstresses in Bangladesh, for example, they go determinedly against the flow and keep production in Sweden.


Woolpower used to be called Ullfrotté. The company was founded in Östersund in 1969 as a manufacturing unit and supplier to “Kooperativa Förbundet” (the Cooperative Union) and was called Vinetta at the time. The company once had more than 530 employees, and mainly manufactured nylon tights. In the beginning of the 1970s, the fabric Ullfrotté Original was developed together with the Swedish Armed Forces. The goal was to create warm clothes that were sustainable and easy to take care of.  The first Ullfrotté garments started being made in 1972.