Our factory

With the patterns of consumption that we in western society have become used to, it’s easy to forget all the work and all the people that are involved in making an item of clothing. This is something Woolpower wants to change. We want to highlight the people that have manufactured your very garment. All the production that creates that warm, durable garment, which becomes your loyal companion on different adventures, takes place in our factory in Östersund.


One of the unique things about Woolpower is that we have an unusually short production chain, with the majority of production taking place under one roof. We actually manufacture our garments, from the yarn to the finished product, at our factory in Östersund in Jämtland, Sweden. We have done this ever since 1969 when the company was founded. In this way, we maintain good control of the entire production and we can ensure that we deliver what we promise.

The entire production is like a chain in which the people are the critical links that hold the chain together — all Woolpower people are equally important. Our knitting operators ensure that the knitting machines work properly and that the knitted material that comes out is of the right quality. The fabric is then sent for preparation where it is washed, shaped and cut into pieces with the right fit and shape. Thereafter, the garments are sewn together and the seamstress checks that each garment has Woolpower’s high standard of quality. Finally, the products are packaged and arrive in our warehouse before being sent to our customers.


The knitting hall - Home of Ullfrotte Original


Wash, Shape and Cut


From first to last seam.

Packing and Warehouse

Final step before the garment reaches you

Factory stores

Meet the People at Woolpower

Investment in green energy

Sustainability, environment, and climate are central concerns for Woolpower and its owners, Daniel and Adam Brånby. Their commitment extends beyond producing functional garments in merino wool. Woolpower’s philosophy is simple – it’s about taking responsibility at every step. The primary goal is to manufacture sustainable, high-quality products, considering both human and environmental well-being.

Charge your electric car outside Woolpower's factory - 1 minute from E14.

Thanks to a strong and close collaboration with, among others, the Region Jämtland/Härjedalen project “Förnybart i tanken” and Jämtkraft’s working group “Electrification of the Transport Sector in Jämtland County,” Woolpower has invested in the largest and most powerful charging station for passenger cars in the whole of Östersund, right outside the new factory.

There are six public electric charging stations, each with space for two cars and a capacity of 300 kW per station.

“We want to make it easier for more people to switch to electric cars. With 12 charging spots and the very strong capacity we have, it will be very quick to charge your electric car. The charging station is about a 1-minute drive from the motorway, making it fast and convenient to stop by and charge your electric car.”

Solar cells on the roof

There are 2,200 solar panels on the factory’s roof to generate renewable electricity for both the factory and the charging stations. The solar panels will produce electricity that can compare to the annual consumption of approximately 60 average-sized houses, about 950,000 kWh per year.

The facility is one of the larger solar installations on a single roof in Sweden.