Layering applies to warm feet as well. A thinner, well-fitting sock closest to the foot, and a thicker one on the outside that can absorb moisture from the foot and trap maximum air. This way, you avoid blisters on the feet because the friction occurs between the socks and not against the skin.

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Shoe Liner

136.00 kr

Liner Classic

152.00 kr New Colors

Liner Knee-high

176.00 kr

Socks Skilled Liner Short

184.00 kr

Socks Skilled Liner Classic

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Socks Skilled Liner Knee-High

240.00 kr

Socks 200

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Socks Skilled Classic 400

240.00 kr

Socks Skilled Knee-high 400

280.00 kr

Socks 400

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Socks Logo 400

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Socks Knee-high 400

224.00 kr