Sit Pad i merinoull


The goal is to be completely circular. And with our recycled felt material, we took our first step on the journey there.

We have optimised our production to create as little waste as possible, but when we punch out pieces of garment, there will be small pieces of material left over. Since 2015, we have used these waste pieces to produce recycled felt material.

The product development of the material was done as a collaboration between Kajsa Nilsson, who at that time studied at the Sportstech Research Centre at Mid Sweden University, and Woolpower.  We have since continued to develop products in the same material.

Today, we reuse 8 tonnes of felt material for new products such as soles and seat supports. Taking advantage of the waste material and using it to create useful products is both smart and sustainable. In addition to our products, we cooperate with several other companies that manufacture their products in our felt material.


Did you know that the insoles we manufacture from recycled waste material from our garments have actually won an award? The insoles indeed won gold at the ISPO AWARD in the accessories category in the outdoor segment in 2014. They consist of at least 50% merino wool and insulate the heat while transporting the moisture away.

Felt Slippers

A slipper to the spa, the cabin or the living room.
Our Felt Slipper is just as suitable at home as for camping. The colour may vary depending on what has been produced in our factory during the time when the waste material was collected.


Our seat pads are 5 mm thick and are available in three sizes: Large, Original, and Mini.

Tips from us! The Original and Mini sizes fit perfectly in the Fjällräven Kånken and Kånken Mini backpacks.