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If you have questions or need to get in touch with a specific person at Woolpower, feel free to contact us. Do you want to know who has sewn your sweater? Scroll further down the page. If you’re unsure about who to contact, call our switchboard on +46 (0)63-14 85 20, or send an e-mail to and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Linus Flodin

070-358 35 55

Ulrika Rogeman

063-14 85 21

Helena Johansson

063-14 85 29
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Jenny Odqvist Kristensson

Product Developer
063-14 85 48
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Lena Persson

Quality Developer
Pontus Ekberg

Pontus Ekberg


Anna-Carin Larsson

Purchasing & Planning Strategist
063-14 85 22

Victor Höglund

Production Manager
072-080 19 17

Kjell Alslev

Floor Manager
070-270 98 85

Stefan Nyström

Floor Manager
070-654 00 29

Karin Bäck

Business Developer
072-080 28 17
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Micke Scherdin

Business Developer
070-699 50 84

Sales, marketing and order

Christian Stjärnered

Export Sales Manager
073-722 78 43

Eva Arnlund Eklöv

Export Sales Manager
070-233 52 12
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Markus Edström

Export Sales Manager
063-14 85 31

Torbjörn Johannesson

National Sales Manager
072-531 22 18
Emelie Torstenssson

Emelie Torstensson

Marketing Manager
063-14 85 33

Anna Lindow

Order and Customer service
063-14 85 20

Sandra Olsson

Order and Customer service
063-14 85 20
Missing image

Heidi Jacobsen

IT Sales Manager
063-14 85 43

Seamstresses - Who has sewn your sweater?

Woolpower’s seamstresses quality mark the clothes they’ve sewn with their own name tag. Take a look inside your Woolpower garment. Who has sewn yours?

Annelie Wikström

Annika Rahm

Ann-Mari Lund

Brigita Krastina

Chanapha Seetraihueang

Elaine Granlöf

Eleonor Lubell

Firouzeh Akbari

Indra Buka

Inese Karenika

Ing-Marie Norell

Inta Bartule

Inta Zunde

Joannah Sandström

Kristina Johansson

Lise-Lotte Rundström

Martha Persson

Maud Blomquist

Mayram Baqeri

Mohamad Aldoyhi

Monika Heldorsson

Nittiyaporn Panphet

Petra Jonasson

Rokaia Rizaee

Sandra Pramalte

Sandra Varanaviciene

Solveig Dahlén

Susanne Manfredsson

Thitikan Janjak

Åsa Opöien

Qorban Ali Hussaini

Ingrid Jönsson-Franzén

Rashid Barati

Vineta Keisa

Mahmoud Rezayi


Before the seamstresses take off, the pieces of fabric must be prepared. The fabric is washed and shaped so that it becomes soft, comfortable and exactly the right form.

Ann-Christin Rådström

Birgitta Olsson

Iréne Persson

Jahantab Barbari

Kerstin Lindell

Teresa Jonsson

Urban Kalén

Veronica Johansson

Robin Jonasson

Hassan Alawsaj

Linda Sandås


Here are the people behind the fabric that we knit at Woolpower.

Camilla Pålsson

Håkan Eriksson

Magnus Åkerman

Martin Svemark

Operation and maintenance

For the machines to function as they should, they have to be maintained and sometimes repaired. All machines have been especially built for Woolpower’s clothes.

Hans-Åke Vagelin

Karl-Johan Stridh

Torbjörn Hallqvist

Örjan Loo

Olov Winroth


Here are the people you might meet in our factory outlet shops.

Tina Andersson


Lisa Skoglund

Missing image

Malin Lundberg


Packaging and warehousing

Woolpower clothes are sent directly from our warehouse around the world.

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Malin Bäckman

Benny Hedlund

Greger Roos

Liz Olofsson

Maria Olofsson

Åsa Gjersvold

Maasoum Ibrahim

External support

We work with Mica group to provide that extra little touch to our products. They’ve been part of our operation for more than 25 years.

Björn Högberg


Frida Edlund


Linnea Bergman


Linnéa Holmbom


Sebastian Bergström


Sven Solberger


Monika Andersson