Mid Layer

A mid layer where clothing adds extra insulation, thus trapping body heat. In cold weather or during low-intensity activities, a thicker layer is needed. The purpose is to create an air layer that insulates. The more air in the clothing, the better the insulation. Woolpower’s robust reinforcement garments are made of Ullfrotté Original 400-600. The temperature and activity level determine the thickness of the mid layer.

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Full Zip Jacket 400

2000.00 kr Unisex

Zip Turtleneck 400

1600.00 kr Unisex

Vest 400

1400.00 kr Unisex

Long Johns 400

1300.00 kr Unisex

Long Johns with fly 400

1350.00 kr Men's

Full Zip Jacket 600

2300.00 kr Unisex