Skilled sock in running shoe

Socks with advanced functionality

Since 1969 when the Woolpower company opened its doors for the first time, we have always aimed to make progress without compromising on either quality or sustainable production.

As we’ve made progress we have learned a lot. Both about ourselves, and about how to adapt the thickness of our fabrics to suit your and our environment. Ullfrotté Original and LITE are our best fabric compositions and we have now chosen to unite them.

Together with our users, who have worn and tested Woolpower’s products year after year, we have developed our most advanced functional socks: Skilled Socks.
The socks are available in two thicknesses and in several lengths. They are built with multiple panels that are adapted to the shape of the foot and external wear and tear.

Skilled Socks pad the foot and soften your steps. They are designed to prevent blisters, for example from the lacing on a shoe. When you move, Skilled Socks seal around your foot and stay in place.