Beanie Classic Black

Topped off with a beanie

The clocks have gone back, and winter has started to take hold in Sweden. In the north the first snow has already settled and in the south the last leaves are clinging to the trees in a battle against the cold autumn storms. It’s time to get your winter clothes out and most importantly, your beanie hat. Researchers say that we actually lose up to 50 per cent of our body heat through our heads.

Choosing the right hat isn’t always that simple. A hat doesn’t just keep you warm, it is also an accessory that communicates your personal style. That’s why a hat should be chosen carefully. To make it easier for you to choose one that has been made sustainably, by people with contractual salaries and fair working hours, we are launching a completely new range of beanie hats. Just like all our garments, these beanies are knitted and sewn in Sweden. The new beanies have a classic design, which means that you can use yours year after year and never be untrendy.

Are you one of those people that have said the words “I can’t wear beanies, they don’t suit me”? If so, it might be time to think again. Choosing the right beanie means finding one that suits both your style and the shape of your face, and that feels comfortable to wear. Small details can make a big difference. If your face is round or rectangular, then try a beanie with a looser style that gives your head some height. If, on the other hand, you have a long face, then try a beanie with an upturned brim that fits tighter on your head.

Beanie Jamtlann

The Jamtlann beanie is a classic knitted woollen hat with a pattern that has been inspired by historic Jämtland patterns. The patterns are mostly used on different felt quilts which were woven using a special method that created a layer of air that made them warm and snug. The felt quilts were often a necessity as well as an eye-catching decoration. The brim of the beanie is turned up and it has a bobble on top, also known as a pom-pom. This type of hat is believed to have been used as early as the Viking age (800-1066). In 1904 a statue was found depicting the Freyr, the god of fertility on a farm in Rällinge in Södermanland, wearing a hat with a big bobble.

Beanie Classic

This classic is sometimes called the grandfather of woolly hats. Few are the times that a hat like this doesn’t fit in. It can be worn with the brim turned either up or down to create different personal styles. The beanie is available in several colours. Create a sporty look with a lot of colour or a classic modern look with a more neutral colour

Beanie Ribb

When somebody mentions a woolly hat, it is probably this kind of shape that most people think of. A beanie that fits tight to your head and warms your ears particularly well because of the upturned brim. Of all the beanies that exist, this is one of the most popular and versatile models. You can match it with your blazer for a stylish look around town, or with your outdoor sports jacket for a cosy walk in the forest.

Beanie Retro

This beanie can only be bought exclusively in our own web shop. It is somewhat longer than the Beanie Classic, which means it doesn’t fit as tight on your head. It also has a bobble and a retro-inspired label, and the beanie gives you a nice and relaxed look, wherever you may be.

By the way, did you know that the hat bobble has its roots in military history? During the 1700s, head wear with different bobbles and feathers was used to signify different military regiments and ranks.

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