Vår värdekedja - Pack och Lager

Packing & Warehouse

The Final Step Before the Garments Reach You – Packing and Warehouse

Once the seamstress has inspected and approved their garments, they move on to be packaged. We send all our garments in cardboard packaging, which is folded on-site and labelled with the correct tag.

For the past 20 years, we have had a wonderful partnership with Daglig Verksamhet. They are responsible for packaging our accessories, such as beanies and wrist gaiters, before they are sent to the warehouse.

The last step in our production chain is our warehouse. Here, we store all our products before they are sent to our customers worldwide.

Have you met Bill?

Our garments are packed in paper packaging adorned with an image of a very handsome merino ram. His name is Bill, and he was eight years old when the pictures were taken, which was when we changed our name from Ullfrotté to Woolpower.