Woolpower is building a new factory in Östersund – unique investment for the Swedish textile industry

Swedish production with a focus on high quality is the very foundation of Woolpower’s business concept. Now the company is making their biggest investment ever by building a new factory of 10,000 square meters in Östersund, twice as big as the one they have today.

In order to meet the growing demand for products, Woolpower must expand. Today’s premises cannot be expanded, which is why Woolpower is investing in building a completely new factory, and they continue to choose to have it located in Östersund. The new factory is planned to be 10,000 square meters, twice the size of the current factory. This gives Woolpower the opportunity for continued growth. The start of the factory construction is now in April and the hope is that production in the new factory will be up and running in the spring of 2022.

– By keeping our production in Sweden, we go against the flow. We are one of the few remaining textile factories in the whole country and the only one of our size. All our clothes are sewn in Sweden and Östersund, as we have done since the start in 1969 and we are proud to continue to have our production here, says Linus Flodin, CEO of Woolpower.

The choice to keep all production locally in Östersund is due to the strong values and large participation among employees, which is crucial for Woolpower. Among other things, the seamstresses stamp the garments they have sewn by marking them with their own name, which creates both pride and responsibility. Having all production under one roof creates fewer links in the production chain and thus contributes to more sustainable production. In addition, Östersund is a municipality that, according to Woolpower, invests in creating good conditions for entrepreneurship.

– Östersund is a municipality with a forward-thinking spirit, and an environmental and sustainability thinking that is in line with ours. Those who live in Östersund have a far-reaching knowledge of how to dress in cold weather, it creates credibility for us who work with spreading heat. For us, it feels completely right to continue our production here and thus contribute to increased growth in the municipality, says Linus Flodin.

Sustainability is very important our customers and Woolpower’s success depends to some extent on the company’s conscious sustainability investments. Here, sustainability from a human, ethical and moral perspective is fundamental. But there are other aspects as well. At Woolpower, function and fashion are also part of the sustainability work because the garments are made to last a long time and not become obsolete.

– We notice that it becomes more important for our customers to buy functional and sustainable products that are made by people with the same conditions and rights as those who buy our garments take for granted. It can e.g. be job security, reasonable salaries, holidays and pensions. This has been our basic philosophy since the start and by having our production in Sweden we can ensure that it is complied with, says Linus Flodin.

Woolpower manufactures warm base layers and mid-layer garments from our own fabric Ullfrotté Original. We manufacture all our products in Sweden. At our factory in Östersund we do everything from knitting and preparing the fabric to sewing, packing and storing products. We have specialised in manufacturing functional products that withstand extreme weather conditions, sudden changes in weather and different levels of activity. Our clothes should be the first choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want confidence in their equipment. The clothes are popular with mountain hikers and wind-turbine technicians alike.