What becomes second grade garments?

Often, the flaws in our second-grade items are so minor that they are difficult to detect. Sometimes, they are more noticeable.

What always applies, however, is that the function is not affected. The garments will keep you warm and comfortable regardless of their appearance.

So these are garments with minor imperfections but the same function.


  • Stripes in the knitted material – As in the picture
  • Uneven seam
  • Bubbly stitching
  • Individual thread with the wrong colour
  • Cracking
  • Bubbly/wavy seams
  • Uneven edge band
  • Loops in the material
  • Labels that are crooked
  • Seams that do not align perfectly at the neckline
  • Seams that do not meet in a straight line


  • Logo that is unclear
  • Loops on the outside of the sock
  • A streak of the wrong colour

Special products out of our regular range

Sometimes we make special products for our contract customers, such as Zip Turtleneck with thumb grip. These products are sometimes sold in our factory shop as second-grade products.

Most often, because of minor beauty imperfections and in a few cases, because we have produced more than what was ordered. These products will automatically be second-grade items because they are products that are not in our regular range.