Take advantage of the winter!

Enjoy Winter!

It is, and always will be, unnecessary to freeze. Especially when there are clothes and materials that keep you warm. Both children and adults have a better outdoor experience when they can just enjoy the activity and being outdoors, without thinking about cold feet or uncomfortable clothes. So take advantage and enjoy the winter instead of freezing. Here we have collected both tips on how to stay warm and tips for winter activities for the family.

The pride of the Gymnademia


One effective way to dress in a cold climate is to follow the multi-layering approach. It gives flexible and simple protection against the cold, wind and wet, while also making it easy for you to air out body moisture and lighten up your clothes if the body gets too warm.

Woolpower’s product range works as a system where you can combine and match the various clothing items freely; depending on the activity you plan to do. A thicker layer can be worn next to the skin, just as a base layer can be doubled up. The most important thing is that you have Woolpower next to your skin to insulate the heat you generate. A cotton garment inside your Woolpower undergarment will reduce the effect significantly and you will get cold.

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The calmness of the old forests

Warm feet = Happy winter!

We all know what having cold feet feels like. We try jumping up and down, wiggling our toes frantically or even kicking one foot against the other. But nothing works. Here are 3 tips for keeping your feet warm and dry:

  • Double Socks
  • Put on a hat
  • Rest your feet


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The majesty of the mountains

Small adventures for the family

  • Read a book under a fir tree – Put on some suitable clothes, take a well-loved book and bring something good to sit on. All that remains is to find a fir tree and enjoy a cosy storytelling moment.
  • Eat outside – All kinds of food tastes better when eaten outdoors. Keep it simple – boil some water and make hot chocolate, or cook pancakes on the outdoor stove.
  • Go for a walk in the forest – Find a trail and see what you discover. Can you balance on the fallen log? Dare to jump from a tree-stump?
  • Enjoy the snow – make a snow angel, shovel up a snow maze or build the funniest snowman.


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You know that all our clothes are knitted and sewn in our factory in Östersund, right?

Swedish production focused on the highest quality — this is the very foundation of Woolpower’s mission. We have captured this in a sentence that depicts exactly what any Woolpower product is — Responsibly Made in Sweden.

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Keep warm