Felt Sheets

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Sheet, 70×100 cm of felted waste material, 5mm.

When we punch out the pieces for our wool products and there are small pieces of waste material left over. These are torn apart and felted together into felt sheets. We then use the blanket sheet for felt soles, seat cushions and slippers. The shade can vary depending on the colors of the waste material, we call the color Recycled Gray.

Material Spec:
At least 50% wool and a maximum of 50% synthetic material

NOTE! This product is only sent to Sweden and a maximum of two sheets per order. No open purchase or right of return applies to this product. The product is always sent in a separate package.



Dimensions : 70x100 cm
Colour : Recycled Grey
Återställ val

We ship to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France and USA.

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