Base Layer

Closest to the body, a heat-insulating and moisture-transporting base layer is required. It’s crucial to remove the body’s moisture from the skin as water conducts heat 25 times more effectively than air. A base layer in synthetic fibers or wool surpasses cotton, which absorbs moisture and dries poorly.

Woolpower LITE possesses all the qualities necessary to keep you warm. However, it can also be used in the summer since the garment simultaneously cools when it’s warm. LITE can also be worn as a first layer under our reinforcement garments. Ullfrotté Original 200 is a slightly warmer base layer that can be worn closest to the skin. It has the same features as Woolpower LITE but is more suitable for colder conditions.

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Zip Turtleneck 200

130.00  Unisex

Crewneck 200

110.00  Unisex

Tee 200

95.00  Unisex

Long Johns 200

95.00  Unisex

Long Johns with fly 200

100.00  Men's

Zip Turtleneck LITE

125.00  Unisex

Crewneck LITE

105.00  Unisex


90.00  Unisex

Long Johns W’s LITE

90.00  Women's

Long Johns M’s LITE

90.00  Men's

Briefs Xlong W’s LITE

75.00  Women's

Boxer Xlong M’s LITE

75.00  Men's