To keep your feet warm, you must consider your entire body. When the body gets cold, it prioritizes heat to the heart, brain, and other vital organs, reducing blood flow to the hands and feet. That’s why you often feel cold first in your hands and feet, even if the rest of your body feels warm. Additionally, a head without a hat acts like a chimney, letting a significant portion of body heat escape.

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Beanie Classic

500.00 kr

Beanie Jamtlann

700.00 kr

Beanie Retro

550.00 kr Exclusive Online

Beanie Rib

600.00 kr

Wrist Gaiter 200

320.00 kr

Headband 200

320.00 kr

Beanie LITE

430.00 kr

Cap 400

550.00 kr


380.00 kr

Tube 200

380.00 kr New Color

Helmet Cap 400

320.00 kr

Balaclava LITE

400.00 kr