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We manufacture all our clothes in our factory in Östersund. We make warm clothing that adapts to the body so most of our garments are unisex. Find your size in our size chart if you haven’t used our clothes before.

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Beanie Classic

500.00 kr

Beanie Jamtlann

700.00 kr

Beanie Retro

550.00 kr Exclusive Online

Beanie Rib

600.00 kr

Zip Turtleneck 200

1200.00 kr Unisex

Crewneck 200

1000.00 kr Unisex

Tee 200

900.00 kr Unisex

Long Johns 200

900.00 kr Unisex

Long Johns with fly 200

950.00 kr Men's

Full Zip Jacket 400

2000.00 kr Unisex

Zip Turtleneck 400

1600.00 kr Unisex