A troll, a fairy or an elf. Didn’t something just move behind the tree there?

To give our younger ones more space to be together in nature, we are now focusing on nature-oriented colours inspired by our own surroundings. All our kids’ clothes are made of Ullfrotté Original and knitted and sewn in Östersund. Give your kids space for the joys of discovery and curiosity, in everyday life and on grand adventures. For our young explorers, there are plenty of small treasures to find in nature, such as flowers, stones or a pinecone.

There’s no need to get cold, whatever activities you do with the kids.

Whether you are used to spending time in nature or have only just discovered the magic of nature, there are many reasons to explore and experience it together. Research shows that there are many reasons to include outdoor recreation and time in nature in our children’s lives, regardless of whether it’s a walk in the forest or a mountain adventure. Check out our information, tips and inspiration for small everyday adventures, and how to keep warm and dry while you enjoy them.

Surrounded by shimmering waters

To give our youngest ones the space to be at one with nature, we are now focusing on nature-oriented colours inspired by our own surroundings. The inspiration for Lake Green comes from the waters of our region. These include the shimmering mountain lake Blanktjärn, with its clear turquoise water, and of course, our Lake Storsjön, surrounded by both high mountains and large forests. In Swedish folklore, this beautiful lake is home to the mythical lake monster - Storsjöodjuret - whom children and adults alike have often searched for.


Emma Wiking is a teacher at one of the I Ur och Skur (Come Rain or Shine) concept pre-schools in Haninge. She has worked as a pre-school teacher for 15 years and is also a trained outdoor recreation leader. Sometimes we all need a reminder that it really doesn’t have to be so complicated. You need to start with small adventures before you can embark on a bigger one. Become familiar and comfortable with how you are in nature and then you can take the next step. Do small things that create lasting memories, and if you’re lucky they will spark a lifelong interest. Read more of Emma's tips on how to dress and the small adventures you can have.


More research is being conducted in the field of Outdoor education and it indicates positive effects on children who spend a lot of time in nature and doing outdoor recreation. Lotta Söderström works with developing educational quality at I Ur och Skur, and explains how we can introduce the benefits of outdoor education into everyday life.

Tips for outdoor recreation with children

Taking our children with us to the forest or the mountains has always been natural for us. But we realize that not everybody feels the same way.

Be inspired by Friluftsfrämjandet

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Curious about I ur och Skurs verksamhet?

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Wool - For both mountain hikes and preschool play

It does not matter what activity you do with the children outdoors, it is and will always be unnecessary to freeze. Especially when there are clothes and materials that keep you warm, regardless of whether it is cold outside or if you have gotten wet in the autumn rain.

Experience nature together - create memories for life

Soft love for the kids

Playing takes a lot of energy for our little explorers. Therefore it's important that your children get a really nice rest once they need it. Perhaps just to snuggle up in a warm blanket and tell the tale about their latest adventure. Wrap them up in our cozy Kids blankets made of our unique Ullfrotté Original 400. Perfect for extra warmth on a bed, in the stroller or to cuddle up with on the couch. Our blankets are made of wool so you don´t need to wash them that often. But if you do need to, they are machine washable, so you can keep them fresh and clean no matter how much love your kids give them.