Our supply chain

Woolpower’s supply chain is mostly located in Sweden. It is unusual for a company to have such a large part of its production chain under the same roof, as we do. But, before the yarn arrives with us and we can start to manufacture products, the wool must be processed and spun to become yarn.

Our dream is to have all the stages of production in Sweden. Unfortunately though, there aren’t enough sheep in Sweden with the quality of wool needed for base layers. Neither are there any washing or dying companies or spinning mills in Sweden that can provide the fine quality and the amount of wool yarn we need.

The wool we use comes from merino sheep that graze in Uruguay and the Argentinian part of Patagonia. The sheep there increase the ability to restore the natural flora in a sensitive landscape. Without the sheep in Patagonia, the soil would be rapidly depleted. The wool is then washed and dyed in Germany before it is spun in Romania and then finally sent to our factory in Östersund.

As a responsible company, we must have control of our supply chain. The simplest way to do that is to keep the supply chain as short as possible. So, the more we do ourselves the better position we create for ourselves to ensure good working conditions.

Wool from merino sheep

Purchase and washing

How the wool get its color


The spinning mill




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