För att göra en så liten påverkan på miljön som möjligt arbetar Woolpower alltid med hållbarheten i bakhuvudet. Både miljö-, kvalitets- och arbetsmässigt. Det genomsyrar hela företaget. Vi är helt säkra på att en bra arbetsmiljö i samband med ett avståndstagande mot externa miljöpåverkningar föder god kvalitet. Vi vill ge våra kunder kläder som är producerade på ett sätt som överensstämmer med våra värderingar. Vare sig de används på fritiden eller i yrket.

Made to last

We don’t make our clothes so that they fall apart in no time forcing you to buy new ones. We make our clothes to last. We do that as much for own sake as yours by being kind to our environment.

Recycling waste fabric

When we manufacture our clothes we get leftover fabric. But waste not, want not – we use it to make other products. Leftover fabric becomes lovely warm insoles. And we also use it to make comfy slippers, together with Docksta sko (shoe factory), who also have all their manufacturing in Sweden. The colour of the products can vary slightly depending on the leftover fabric of the day, but we call it recycled grey.

A good environment all the way

It’s important that everybody who works for Woolpower has a good place to work. From the newly born lamb to the sale of our products. Everyone who works at Woolpower in Östersund has proper Swedish employment contracts and salaries. We are completely convinced that good work conditions generate good quality. When you buy clothes from Woolpower you know who has sewn them. Their name is in the garment.

Less washing needed

Washing has a negative effect on nature – we all know that. Woolpower’s undergarments don’t need to be washed so often as wool has naturally cleaning properties. It doesn’t smell bad, even after being wet. If it’s been worn for a while and feels a little musty, simply airing it outside can be enough for it to feel fresh again. If you want to wash your undergarment anyway, you don’t actually need any detergent. But if you do want to use some, we recommend Woolcare, our own gentle wool washing liquid.  

Merino sheep are the flora’s saviour

We source the wool that’s used in our clothes from Patagonia. We support sheep farming specifically there to increase the chances of revitalising the natural flora in an all too depleted region. Sheep rearing plays an important role in saving the lands in Patagonia. When the sheep graze and spread seeds the soil’s growth is stimulated. Without sheep in Patagonia, the soils would quickly become depleted.