Our responsibility


We want to provide our customers with enduring clothes that are produced in a way that’s consistent with our values. Whether the clothes are used professionally or for recreation, they should warm from the inside out.

How we make Woolpower

We manufacture our clothes in Östersund, Jämtland, in northern Sweden. We’ve done so since 1969 when the company was founded.  Our seamstresses make an entire garment from start to finish, and then they sew their own nametag into the final product.

Our environment

To make sure we have the least possible impact on the environment, we always have sustainability in mind when we develop and produce Woolpower clothes.

Merino sheep

We always buy our raw materials directly from the producers and we ensure that the sheep from which we take our wool are treated well.

We know about warmth

As our manufacturing is located in Östersund, we are very close to the Swedish mountains. So we know how to keep you warm when it’s cold out.

The fabric

Our fabric, Ullfrotté Original, is mostly made up of something that you can’t see with the naked eye.  Find out the secret behind our warm and soft clothes.

Washing wool

Unsure about how to wash woollen clothes? Woolpower’s Ullfrotté Original clothes can actually be washed at 60°C when dirty. If you really need to wash them at all.


For us, making as many clothes as possible is not the most important thing; what’s important is producing clothes of the highest possible quality that last a long time.