Grove W Woolpower – Why this shoe is different

With Grove W BUGrip® Woolpower, Icebug is taking a big step towards the future. This is a boot that is Icebug’s most sustainable model so far. It’s also the winner of the ISPO award 2019 in the category Urban – Street & Lifestyle. The look, the light feeling and the world’s best traction comes on top of it all.

Grove W Woolpower BUGrip

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Grove W Woolpower Michelin

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A lot of good thing already, right? There’s more…

Bloom foam + Woolpower insole

The insole is made with recycled wool from Woolpower together with Bloom foam to offer great cushioning and warmth. Harmful algae plants that are polluting water sources are made to a usable foam product instead. Bloom foam have similar material properties to EVA, the most common material used for midsoles and insoles. But Bloom foam gives less CO2 emissions and it lowers the dependency on petroleum.

Recycled material and the world's best traction.

Traction that doesn’t wear out Icebug’s shoes are made to be worn – a lot. Grove’s 14 BUGrip® steel studs are almost impossible to wear out, and the technology works great even if you happen to lose a stud or two. 20% recycled rubber in the outsole The probably biggest single sustainability step forward for FW19 is that we’re using 20% recycled rubber in the outsoles with BUGrip – while maintaining performance and durability.

Mariell Bjuhr, designer at Icebug, about the cooperation:

“Grove is an example of a cross-industry collaboration between the footwear – and clothing industry, where we are using the waste from Woolpowers clothing production to improve the function and sustainability of our shoe. By using the waste from Woolpower, the material is upcycled and is given a second lifecycle”

With studs or not – you decide.

The boot comes in two versions. One with BUGrip® studs and one with Michelin outsole. Both versions are water repellent and have a long medial zipper.