Garments made to Last for Generations

When the Old Prevails the New

Overall winner! That was the title that an 11-year-old Zip Turtleneck won at the SOG’s Sustainable Outdoor Awards 2022. The sweater, which was only on loan for the competition, was our statement in favour of sustainable production.

The most sustainable garments are the ones you use, love, and repair. The clothes that are passed down to be loved again until they become completely worn out and can no longer be worn. In other words, the favourite garments that are currently in your wardrobe.

As a responsible company, it is our duty to speak candidly about the fact that the quantity of clothing produced and consumed today is a problem that negatively impacts the climate. For us, it is therefore important that the raw materials we use during the production of our garments have the longest lifespan possible. And that the people behind our garments have the same rights and working conditions that you take for granted for yourself.

Therefore, our philosophy is and will always be to produce high-quality products in a sustainable and responsible manner that keeps you warm year after year.

Scandinavian Outdoor Awards

The competition for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award™ is being held since 2005 to support product and design innovations from Scandinavia and to promote new member products.

The international jury will award the best product based on functionality, quality, innovation, design and sustainability.

Up to 30 products from Scandinavian Outdoor Group brands will be nominated for winter and summer seasons to compete for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award™.

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