Sponsorship & Partnership

We get many requests for sponsorship and partnership, which is very fun and flattering.

Every year, however, a number of exciting projects or people appear where we enter as partners. Maybe it’s you or your project? If you are planning an adventure or for some other reason believe that Woolpower may be the right partner, complete the sponsorship application below.

Try to be as specific as possible in your application. This makes it easier for us to assess your application and increases your chances of being selected. Every three months, we review the applications we have received. As we receive a lot of applications, we can unfortunately not respond in writing to everyone. However, we read all applications and contact those we want to proceed with.

The next opportunity to review sponsorship applications is at the end of June 2022.

Form for sponsorship application

Describe your project or adventure, schedule, participants, etc. Also state what you have previously achieved.
How will you document your project?
How will you communicate your project? Newspaper articles, Blog, Twitter, Facebook etc, ie how will you and the Woolpower brand be exposed? What target group do you reach and how many people do you expect to reach?
Specify how you envisage the collaboration. What products do you want from us? What can we expect to receive in return from you? Other?

Attach photos, videos or other documentation to show your experiences. Allowed file types: jpg, pdf, png, gif, mp4. Max 5MB per file

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