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Woolpower’s multi-layerd approach

Our Woolpower clothes help the human body to retain and support the heat it generates, and also remove the moisture and excess heat that the body doesn’t need.

One effective way to dress in a cold climate is to follow the multi-layering approach. It gives flexible and simple protection against the cold, wind and wet, while also making it easy for you to air out body moisture and lighten up your clothes if the body gets too warm.

Woolpower’s product range works as a system where you can combine and match the various clothing items freely; depending on the activity you plan to do. A thicker layer can be worn next to the skin, just as a base layer can be doubled up. The most important thing is that you have Woolpower next to your skin to insulate the heat you generate. A cotton garment inside your Woolpower undergarment will reduce the effect significantly and you will get cold.

The multi-layering approach consists of four layers. Below you’ll see a suggestion for how you can dress to keep yourself really warm.

Layer 1

Nearest your body you need a heat insulating and moisture wicking undergarment. It’s important to remove the body’s moisture away from the skin as water is 25 times more heat conductive than air is. A first layer made of synthetic fibres or wool is superior to cotton, which retains moisture and is ineffective at drying.

Woolpower LITE has all the qualities needed to keep you warm. But it can also be used during the summer as the garment also cools when it’s warm. LITE can also be worn as a base layer under our thicker layers. Ullfrotté Original 200 gram is a slightly warmer undergarment that can be worn next to your skin. It has the same functionality as Woolpower LITE but works better in colder conditions.

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Layer 2

A middle layer of clothes that provides extra insulation and insulates body heat. If it’s cold, or if the activity level is low, a thicker layer is needed. The aim is to create a layer of air that insulates; the more air there is in the clothes the better the insulation. Woolpower’s thicker middle layer garments are made of Ullfrotté Original, 400-600 gram. The temperature and activity level determine how thick the middle layer needs to be.

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Layer 3

A wind and water-repellent outer shell that protects against outside cooling and retains the heat generated between the layers. Modern shell garments let a small amount of moisture out through the material. During strenuous activity, the garment should allow for ventilation at the neck, cuffs or other openings.

And maybe a layer 4

An extra layer to put on during breaks or when it’s time to make camp. Choose an insulating, windproof garment made of down or synthetic filling that’s easy to pull on over your shell layer. Keep it easily accessible so that the all important break times don’t turn into a shivering adventure.