At Woolpower, we make the fabric right here in Östersund and our technicians ensure the knitting machines function as they should. Then the items are washed, shaped and cut so that they form the exact right shape before being sewn and finally packed. Everybody who works at Woolpower is equally important – each person is a link in a chain that has to be whole to be able to function.

Since the manufacturing of Woolpower’s clothes happens in one building we have good control and short lead times. As we said, the chain is important and it’s significantly shorter than you usually see in other places. We sit next to each other and can discuss with each other without needing intermediaries. Today, Woolpower is Sweden’s largest sewing factory, and soon it may also be the only one.


In Östersund we have a cold climate and those of us that work at Woolpower need only step outside the door to test our clothes. Additionally, we work with many people who test out our products by using them in changing, tough environments, both for work and pleasure.


Wool is a natural material with many positive qualities. However, it isn’t as hardwearing as synthetic fibres. That’s why we mix the wool with, for example polyamide, which means we benefit from all the excellent qualities of wool while also producing a sustainable product.


Seams are the weakest links in the fabric and that’s where the biggest risk is for the material breaking. With fewer seams, the garment also becomes softer. That’s why most of our clothes are composed of knitted tubes and are free of lengthy seams. Even the arm and leg cuffs are knitted in one piece.

Woolpower söker Produktionsplanerare


The most important thing for us is not to make as many garments as possible, but to make clothes of the highest quality possible. Throughout the entire production process we carry out tests and controls to make sure no flaws occur. Each garment is sewn by the same seamstress who also checks the garment when it’s complete and approves it with their nametag. We are proud of what we manufacture and we stand up for it.


Our ambition is to create even better products through refined raw materials and improved processing methods. Research institutes, raw material manufacturers, machinery suppliers and Woolpower users around the world are all our sources of knowledge for the future. Perhaps you have an idea? Get in touch!


The seamstresses check the garments critically. If they find any kind of flaw they remove their nametag. If the flaw is merely cosmetic, which is rarely visible to the untrained eye, but doesn’t impact the garment’s functionality, then it gets sold as a second in our factory outlet in Östersund or Butik & Outlet in Ånn. If the flaw is just too obvious for us to be able to sell it, but the functionality is nonetheless good, then we donate the garment to charity.


Woolpower buys its raw materials directly from reputable companies and maintains an on-going dialogue with them. It’s important for us that our suppliers deliver quality and have high environmental standards.

Woolpower’s goal is to make products of the highest quality and functionality. Products that last a long time. Today we are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. We work to constantly improve ourselves in our domains.