A sock for everyday

Since 1972 Woolpower has manufactured socks for all types of weather and occasions. We’ve learnt what’s needed to make a sock that keeps you warm and dry when you go skiing, camping or spend time outdoors.

But it’s time to highlight the socks that work just as well during outdoor activities as in the office, on the sofa or out walking the dog. Just like our Skilled socks have been developed for optimal functionality on a jogging tour or ski slope, our Liner socks are a perfect fit in your
everyday life.

We’re now expanding our range of Liner socks including new colours inspired by nature.

A sock for everyday

Liner Classic is a flat-knit sock with elastane for snug, comfortable fit. The socks has an integrated toe seam. Logo and size information are knitted in.

60% Merino wool
35% Polyamide
5% Elastane

All our warm socks are knitted in our factory in Östersund.

To our socks

A splash of color in everyday life

This classic is sometimes called the grandfather of woolly hats. Few are the times that a hat like this doesn’t fit in. It can be worn with the brim turned either up or down to create different personal styles. The beanie is available in several colours. Create a sporty look with a lot of colour or a classic modern look with a more neutral colour

Dry feet on rainy autumn days

Keeping your feet dry is absolutely the most essential thing if you don’t want to freeze. A foot excretes about 3 ml of moisture per hour during low activity and 15-30 ml during heavy exercise. Use moisture-wicking materials in the socks, such as our wool socks. Wool absorbs moisture very well within the fibres and can absorb moisture up to 30 per cent of its weight without feeling damp. The wool also gives off some extra heat when it gets damp, absorption heat.