Colours inspired by nature

Surrounded by majestic mountains, deep forests and crystal-clear lakes, we have produced clothes in Östersund, the winter city at the shore of Lake Storsjön, since 1969. Our proximity to nature and everyday experience of the weather’s forces mean that we can confidently say we know how to keep warm. It is right here, in the nature of Jämtland, that we have found inspiration for our colours.

Swedish production focused on the highest quality is the very foundation of our business concept. We have captured this in a sentence that depicts exactly what any Woolpower product is — Responsibly Made in Sweden.

What once upon a time started with nylon socks has grown into Sweden’s largest sewing factory today, focused on warm and comfy base layers made of our unique Ullfrotté Original fabric. Our functional and timeless products are lovingly manufactured to the highest quality and keep you warm whatever the weather.

We believe that sustainable clothing production means that we must manufacture products that last year after year, and discourage a throwaway mentality. Which is why we don’t often introduce new products or colours. So this year is a special year for us! We are launching a completely new range of beanies, and our best-seller, Full Zip Jacket 400, will be available in three new colours. Colours inspired by our surrounding nature.

We have chosen to focus on timeless designs and colours that will be as stylish in ten years as they are now, but with a little wear. The colours we’ve selected are close to our hearts and some way symbolise our home region of Jämtland.

The pride of the Gymnademia

The land in Jämtland is very special and unique. It actually contains a lot of lime, and the soil is perfect for the rare gymnadenia niagra (brunkullan) flower. The gymnadenia is a small orchid that grows in flowery meadows. Though it may not be very big, it is very hard to miss. It stands proudly up, stretching as tall as it can, and its dark rusty red colours are unmistakeable. With its sweet, warm and calming scent of vanilla, it helps us to relax and forget all our to-do’s for a while. Brunkullan is the proud regional flower of Jämtland and it is the inspiration for our warm, dark red colour, Rust Red.

The calmness of the old forests

Östersund is surrounded by deep fir and pine forests, and the Jämtland region actually has one of the highest densities of fir forests in Sweden. In these old forests around us we find a calmness that is hard to explain. We feel the energy of the trees flowing through us. We listen to the orchestra of nature with its choral harmonies, and we take deep breaths to fill our lungs with the healing aromas of the flowers and plants. In the forest we ground ourselves, we are here and now. Forest Green is the name of the colour we have taken from the calmness of the old forests.

The majesty of the mountains

Of course, we can’t forget the majesty of the mountains. One of our favourite times for enjoying the mountains is autumn. It’s the time when nature changes its outfit and explodes into hues of red, orange and yellow. When the air is crisp, the mountain tops are dusted with the season’s first snow and the ground is covered with edible treats such as cloudberries, mushrooms, blueberries and lingonberries. The beautiful rowan tree that loves the barren climate shimmers with nutritious red berries amongst its golden leaves. According to folklore, the quantity of berries on the rowan tree predicts how much snow will fall in winter. From the awesome autumn colours, the majestic mountains and the bright berries of the rowan, we have created the colour, Autumn Red.

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