Christmas Gifts

Surrounded by majestic mountains, deep forests and crystal-clear lakes, we have produced clothes in Östersund, the winter city at the shore of Lake Storsjön, since 1969. Our proximity to nature and everyday experience of the weather’s forces mean that we can confidently say we know how to keep warm. Here are our top tips on warming christmas gifts for your loved ones.

The pride of the Gymnademia

A beanie that keeps you warm

A beanie that fits tight to your head and warms your ears particularly well because of the upturned brim. You can match it with your blazer for a stylish look around town, or with your outdoor sports jacket for a cosy walk in the forest.

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The calmness of the old forests

Wrist gaiter 200

A pair of warming wrist gaiters for all seasons, equally suitable for the skier, outdoor chef and those who work in front of the computer.

Wrist gaiter 200

The majesty of the mountains

Woolpower Socks 800

A classic, and very much appreciated, Christmas gift for everyone. Our soft and durable sock in Ullfrotté 800 keeps your feet warm for a long time. Perfect for Christmas holiday coziness on the sofa, or in boots and boots with a slightly more spacious fit.


Woolpower Socks 800

Zip Turtleneck 200

This garment keeps you warm both on a cold Tuesday in the office and when you´re out ice skating on a winter day. Did you know that the secret to staying warm is to create an air gap closest to the skin that encapsulates the heat your body produces?

Zip Turtleneck

The Full Zip jacket

Perhaps the most classic Christmas present from Woolpower, after Socks 800. You can take it with you everywhere, whether you are in the mountains or at home on the living room sofa. If you are frozen, it keeps you warm during cold spring evenings as well as in the coldest midwinter.

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Digital Gift Card

A gift that works for everyone, and that helps you out when you don’t know what to buy. With a digital gift card, the recipient can choose their varming favorite.

Digital Gift Card

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