Clothes for all weathers

At Woolpower in Östersund we have plenty of experience of the cold, of cold winters, and most of all, of how to dress to avoid getting cold. We’re very happy to share our knowledge of how the body functions when it gets cold, and how you can best keep yourself lovely and warm.


Human beings are tropical animals that have evolved over thousands of years to survive without clothes at a temperature of 27 °C. That’s when our own heating system works best and our body can maintain a constant body temperature of 37 °C.

For the body to function, it needs energy in the form of food and water so that the heart can pump, the muscles can work and the brain can function. Most of the energy, about 70 per cent, is used for maintaining the body’s internal temperature.

Body heat is created by burning food – fat, carbohydrates and protein. Heat production happens mostly in the muscle tissue, and heat increases the more the muscles work, and the more muscles that do work. When we spend time in the cold, our body needs our help to maintain its body heat balance. We need to give it energy in the form of food and drink, keep moving and dress appropriately so we don’t start getting cold.


When your body gets cold it tries to create heat by shivering, i.e. involuntary muscle movement to create heat. The body can increase its own heat production by 4-5 times just by shivering. When you get cold, the blood flow out to your hands and feet decreases to prioritise heat for the heart, brain and other life-critical organs. That’s why you first feel the cold in your hands and feet, even if the rest of your body feels warm.


Sweating is a natural reaction when the body gets too warm and the skin needs to cool down. Your skin cools through moisture – sweat – evaporating. This is perfect in a warm climate, but in the cold, when you’re wearing a lot of clothes, uncontrolled sweating can be devastating as moisture cools.

Between 0,5 to l litre of moisture evaporates from the skin daily. During strenuous activity evaporation can increase to several litres an hour. It’s worth knowing that Woolpower’s undergarments keep you warm even if they get damp. And, they don’t smell if you’ve been sweating.